1. How do I report a change of address, phone number, or new place of employment?

    The following options are available:

    • Send an email to DRRMail@saccounty.net
    • Notify DRR in person at the lobby.
    • Call a representative at 916-875-7589.
    • Complete the back of the tear off portion of the billing statement.
  2. What is the grace period for my account?
    There is no grace period.  If you need to speak to a representative, please call 916-875-7589.

  3. Why is my most recent statement not showing my last payment?
    There are a number of reasons that could explain this. The most common reasons are that the statement was generated prior to the payment being posted or the payment was lost in the mail. You may contact a representative 916-875-7815 for verification of payment.

  4. What if my payment was not received?
    If we did not receive your payment, then your next step would be to verify that the check or money order was cashed. If your check/money order was cashed, then your next step would be to provide us a copy of the front and back of the cancelled check/money order so that we may properly research your payment or account.  Your confirmation number is needed to locate a missing credit/debit card or electronic check payment, please contact 916-875-7815.

  5. What if my cash payment made with PayNearMe was not received?
    If we did not receive your cash payment made with PayNearMe, and you do not have your transaction number that is tied directly to the transaction, contact PayNearMe by calling 1-888-714-0004.  PayNearMe will research the payment and provide you with a response.

  6. Can I make a cash payment with PayNearMe if I do not have the DRR account number?
    No.  You must have the DRR account number in order to make the payment.  Contact DRR at 916-875-7589.

  7. Do all PayNearMe locations accept CASH Only?

    Yes, they only accept CASH. To locate a PayNearMe​ location visit https://home.paynearme.com/all-locations/​​ 

  8. If my payment is postmarked by my due date, is it considered on time?
    No, the payment must be processed by our office prior to or on the due date.

  9. I was never served?
    If you are the defendant in a civil suit filed by the Department of Revenue Recovery, you may contact our office at 916-875-7589 and ask for the Legal Unit.
    If the Department of Revenue Recovery is NOT the plaintiff then contact Small Claims at 916-875-7746 located at Carol Miller Justice Center.

  10. What if someone used my personal information and this is not my bill?
    If this is a traffic fine, you must contact the law enforcement agency who issued the citation. To view the citation information you can log into www.Saccourt.ca.gov.  For any other charges submit your request to DRRMail@saccounty.net  You may contact our office if you have any other questions at 916-875-7815.

  11. Why is this on my credit file?
    Most unpaid debts owed to Sacramento County Department of Revenue Recovery are reported to TransUnion only. These unpaid debts may remain on your credit report for seven (7) years.

    If the Department of Revenue Recovery has received judgment against you, it becomes a matter of public record.  Different credit reporting agencies will place public record items from the Recorder's Office on your credit file which can remain on your credit report for ten (10) years.  DRR does not place judgments on credit reports; therefore, DRR cannot remove the reported item from your credit report.

  12. Where do I record a Satisfaction of Judgment and Release Lien?

    The documents must be recorded in the County in which they were originally recorded.  The County agency will be listed on the satisfaction and release document.  The Sacramento County Recorder's Office is located at 600-8th Street, Sacramento CA 95814 (on the corner of 8th and F Street). You may contact them at 916-874-6334.

 Tax Intercept

  1. Why did you intercept my tax refund? 

    Your account was delinquent therefore, the charge qualified for the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) Intercept Program.  If you filed a joint return with someone who had an account with DRR and was delinquent, then the tax refund qualified for tax offset. 

    Government Code 12419.8 states that the Controller may, at his or her discretion, offset any amount due to a county that has been reduced to a judgment, contained in a court order, or from a bench warrant for payment of any fine, penalty or assessment.​